At times when an official agency is overwhelmed or unaware, many storm hunters fan out and watch the skies to protect people. Whenever a tornado is formed, the storm chasers then call the leaders of the nearest city and alert them to the danger. This is known as a Vigilante Tornado Warning (or VTW).

First VTW \

The very first VTW ever was on Sunday May 22, 2011. The warning was issued by veteran storm-chaser Jeff Piotrowski and his wife. The sensed that a major tornado was heading towards Joplin Missouri, a city of 50-thousand, and then they flagged a passing police officer down and told him to "Get the sirens goin', get the sirens goin'!" Minutes later, a mile-wide tornado destroyed the city, leaving nearly 160 people dead and causing a record-decimating 2.8-billion USDs. 

Second VTW \

A second VTW didn't happen until almost exactly 25 years afterward. A new tornado that had formed on Monday May 5, 2036 in Iowa had gained immense power and crossed into Minnesota, threatening Albert Lea, city of nearly 18-thousand people. Four people in a hellachopper went after the tornado to report on it, and one of them called the mayor of Albert Lea and the police department to warn them of the massive, quickly-approaching tornado. After the tornado smashed the city and killed over 5-thousand people, the tornado's outer circulation winds knocked the hellachopper out of the sky, killing all four of its occupants -- four women, each with children and a love of the weather.

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