the Tornado outbreak sequence of May 3-17, 2015 was a significant outbreak sequence that occurred from May 3 to May 17, 2015.


March, April and February had no tornadoes confirmed, and only 2 tornado reports in February, 7 reports in March, and 1 report in April due to a stationary low pressure system that was blocking severe thunderstorms from becoming too severe, however in late April a warm front caused the low pressure system to move off the coast, resulting in several severe weather events towards the end of storm on the April 29th system produced a funnel cloud, which may have been a landspout tornado according to early May the remnants of Invest 90L moved into the northern Gulf of Mexico...on May 3 a frontal system moved into eastern Kansas...the SPC was concerned with this storm and therefore issued a moderate risk of severe weather with a 45% chance of damaging winds, a 30% chance of large hail, and a 15% chance of tornadoes...around 1645 (11:45AM CDT) the Storm Prediction Center issued Severe Thunderstorm Watch 19 for western Kansas holding the rare quote for Severe Thunderstorm Watches "THIS IS A PARTICULARLY DANGEROUS SITUATION" with storms expected to develop between 1800 (1:00PM CDT) and 2000 (3:00PM CDT) at 1800 a PDS tornado watch was issued for central Kansas, northern Oklahoma, eastern Kansas, southwestern Missouri, Northwestern Arkansas and southern Nebraska with some long tracked, destructive tornadoes possible...this is a wip...

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