Tornado outbreak of March 7 - 8, 2018
Date of tornado outbreak: March 7 - 8, 2018
Duration1: less than a day
Maximum rated tornado2: EF3 tornado
Highest winds 150 mph
Tornadoes caused: 16
Total Damages: $27 million
Total Fatalities: 3

1Time from first tornado to last tornado
2Most severe tornado damage; see wikipedia:Enhanced Fujita Scale

A triple point developed over the western US on March 4, but moisture levels were a concern until the morning of March 7, when the system managed to spawn isolated severe thunderstorms along the line. By 0900, the NWS SPC had issued a Moderate Risk for severe weather, including isolated tornadoes,large hail, and damaging winds. By mid afternoon, the tornadoes had touched down, with an EF3 tornado being recorded in Lubbock, Texas, which caused 3 deaths and $27 million in damages.


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A triple point developed across the Rockies on March 5, before moving out towards the Texas Gulf Coast, enhancing the developing instability ahead of the system as it went.

On the morning of March 7,the NWS SPC issued a Moderate Risk for severe weather, mainly for hail and severe winds, but noting that if storms became supercellular, that they could become tornadic. During the late afternoon hours, tornadoes began touching down in northern Texas and southern Oklahoma. About 2100 UTC, an EF3 hit Lubbock, Texas, claiming the 3 lives that would be lost during the outbreak, and causing most of the damage done by the outbreak as well.

The following day, the NWS SPC issued a Slight Risk for severe weather, noting that the weakening triple point could produce isolated weak tornadoes as it dissipated before evening. During this time, an EF2 hit near El Reno, but causing minimal impacts in the process.

List of tornadoes

March 7

EF# State Times (UTC) Width Comments
EF0 Texas 1625 - 1627 32 meters Brief touchdown
EF2 Texas 1655 - 1705 90 meters Hit Lamesa, causing extensive damage to buildings in the town of Lamesa
EF0 Texas 1805 - 1806 12 meters Brief touchdown
EF1 Texas 1935 - 1938 30 meters Brief tornado that destroyed outhouses
EF3 Texas 2100 - 2120 0.7 miles 3 deaths in Lubbock from alarge tornado that destroyed mobile homes, and levelled poorly builthouses
EF2 Oklahoma 2220 - 2230 80 mters Little damage, but a house had itsroof ulledoff, warranting an EF2 damage rating
EF0 Texas 2305 Unknown Very brief touchdown over a field

March 8

EF# State Times (UTC) Width Comments
EF1 Texas 0023 - 0027 35 meters Very little damage, though trees were ripped from the ground by the force of the tornado
EF1 Oklahoma 0105 - 0110 42 meters Heavy roof damages reported along the tornado path
EF2 TOklahoma 0440 - 0455 105 meters A block of houses had their roofs removed and the windows smashed in by the tornado
EF0 Oklahoma 0610 - 0612 15 meters Brief EF0 tornado
EF1 Oklahoma 0714 - 0717 43 meters Brief EF1 tornado that damaged numerous roofs
EF2 Oklahoma 0825 - 0833 210 meters A large tornado that narrowly missed El Reno, collapsing poorly build buildings and destroying mobile homes in the process
EF1 Oklahoma 0850 - 0854 20 meters Destroyed 2 garden sheds
EF0 Oklahoma 0935 - 0940 22 meters Brief EF0 tornado
EF1 Oklahoma 0956 - 1003 52 meters Very minor dmaage reported, mainly collapsed trees

Notable tornadoes

Lubbock, Texas

EF3 tornado (NWS)
Wichita Falls tornado.png
Duration 2100 – 2120
Intensity 240 km/h (150 mph) (1-min)

This very large and destructive tornado tore through Lubbock, Texas , claiming 3 lives,and causing $27 million in damages. It was the worst tornado in texas since an F5 hit in 1970, sweeping away much of the town. This tornado levelled a block of poorly constructed buildings, and destroyed 2 mobile homes, killing 3 people in the process. It was the only tornado in the outbreak to have caused fatalities.

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