Tornado outbreak of June 9-13, 2021
Ashley tornado.png
EF5 tornado near Paris, Texas on June 12.
Date of tornado outbreak: April 9-13, 2021
Duration1: 5 days, 3 hours, 16 minte
Maximum rated tornado2: EF5 tornado
Tornadoes caused: 151
Total Damages: $1.21 billion
Total Fatalities: 58 (+11 non-tornadic)

1Time from first tornado to last tornado
2Most severe tornado damage; see wikipedia:Enhanced Fujita Scale

The June 9-13, 2021 tornado outbreak was a significant tornado outbreak that affected the states of North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma between June 9th and June 13th, 2021. Two large clusters of supercells, several of which were exceptionally long-lived, gave rise to 151 tornadoes over the course of five days, two of which were rated EF5.

The system was responsible for 58 fatalities, making it the deadliest outbreak in the United States since the May 21-26, 2011 outbreak. An additional 11 people were killed by significant flooding and extremely powerful straight-line winds associated with the systems. The EF5 Ashley-Walcott tornado on June 10 briefly achieved wind speeds of 304 miles per hour, which were recorded by a Doppler on Wheels, breaking the world record for the highest winds recorded in a tornado, which had been held for the previous 22 years by the May 3, 1999 Bridge Creek-Moore tornado.

42 66 47 22 9 5 2

List of tornadoes

June 9 event

List of confirmed tornadoes - June 9, 2021
Duration (local time)
EF0 SE of Silver Bay 6:37-6:39 PM Brief tornado caused damage to small trees.
EF0 Creighton 6:38-6:42 PM Rope tornado inflicted minor damage to a transmission tower.
EF2 E of Tuttle 6:49-7:00 PM 1 death - Highly visible elephant trunk tornado destroyed several mobile homes and removed the roof from a well-built brick house.
EF1 SE of Charter Oak 6:55-7:01 PM Weak but very fast-moving tornado caused damage to the roofing of several dozen residences and pushed a moving truck off a road.
EF0 ENE of Moorhead 7:00-7:03 PM Brief rope tornado caused no damage.
EF1 SE of Callaway (1st tornado) 7:06-7:10 PM Narrow elephant trunk tornado caused significant damage to mobile homes and destroyed outbuildings.
EF0 W of Dante 7:09-7:11 PM Rope tornado damaged outbuildings and uprooted small trees.
EF3 Callaway area (2nd tornado) 7:19-7:31 PM 3 deaths - Large cone tornado demolished several residences and flipped vehicles. One abandoned farmhouse was completely leveled.
EF2 N of Eldon 7:21-7:28 PM Rope tornado completely removed the roofing from a farmhouse and demolished a barn, killing several livestock.
EF0 E of Ludden (1st tornado) 7:23-7:25 PM Narrow cone tornado caused no damage.
EF1 Ludden area (2nd tornado) 7:27-7:32 PM Elephant trunk tornado caused damage to the roofing of three residences.
EF2 Ludden area (3rd tornado) 7:34-7:41 PM Stovepipe tornado destroyed two mobile homes and demolished a residence damaged minutes earlier by the EF1 Ludden tornado.
EF0 S of Ludden (4th tornado) 7:46-7:50 PM Rope tornado damaged several outbuildings.
EF3 N of Odebolt 7:49-8:02 PM Large elephant trunk tornado caused significant damage to transmission towers and obliterated two barns.
EF4 Ponca to E of Harrington 7:51-8:13 PM 5 deaths - Strong stovepipe tornado levelled numerous residences, carried large trucks in excess of 500 yards, and toppled a large radio tower. One building was swept from its foundation, normally indicative of EF5 intensity; however, a damage survey found that the house was not anchored properly.
EF3 S of Plummer 7:59-8:10 PM Fast-moving cone tornado remained over open fields, demolishing three transmission towers.

June 10 event

List of confirmed tornadoes - June 10, 2021
Duration (local time)
EF1 S of Faith 9:03-9:09 AM Rope tornado damaged signposts and outbuildings.
EF0 SE of Grand Rapids (1st tornado) 9:07-9:08 AM Brief elephant trunk tornado caused no damage.
EF2 Artas area 9:11-9:20 AM 1 death - Narrow cone tornado demolished two mobile homes and removed the roofing from a restaurant.
EF1 NW of New Hartford 9:12-9:17 AM Thin rope tornado caused damage to trees.
EF4 W of Grand Rapids (2nd tornado) 9:14-9:49 AM 3 deaths - Very large, slow-moving cone tornado tracked through the outskirts of Grand Rapids and inflicted high-end EF4 damage to strip malls and a church. Wind speeds were recorded at 196 miles per hour at 9:33 AM.
EF1 N of Marshall 9:19-9:24 AM Elephant trunk tornado caused damage to trees and signposts. One truck was pushed off a highway.
EF3 S of Worthington (1st tornado) 9:22-9:36 AM High-end EF3 elephant trunk tornado completely demolished a lakeside lodge and debarked small trees.
EF1 W of Callaway area (2nd tornado) 9:24-9:28 AM Narrow cone tornado uprooted several trees.
EF0 W of Cedar Falls 9:25-9:28 AM Rope tornado downed a fence and removed the roofing from a small tool shed.
EF0 S of Hampton 9:27 AM Narrow cone tornado caused no damage.
EF1 Eden area 4:29-4:31 PM Narrow stovepipe tornado flipped two parked trucks and damaged a gas station.
EF2 Garwin area 4:30-4:40 PM Thick rope tornado removed the roofing from several residences.
EF4 W of Harmony to S of Preston 4:31-5:02 PM 1 death - Wedge tornado utterly obliterated several barns, debarked trees and caused significant ground scouring. A water truck was picked up and thrown nearly 800 yards.
EF5 E of Ashley to SE of Walcott 6:36-8:03 PM 39 deaths - See article on this tornado - Very long-tracked wedge tornado inflicted catastrophic damage on several North Dakota communities. Peak winds of 304 mph broke world records previously held by the 1999 Bridge Creek-Moore tornado.
EF3 NE of Havana 6:41-6:57 PM Large stovepipe tornado completely destroyed a barn and threw a heavy tractor around 50 meters. Two people were injured.
EF1 W of Oakes 6:51-6:58 PM Narrow elephant trunk tornado caused roof damage to a well-built farmhouse.
EF2 Campbell area 7:02-7:15 PM Cone tornado removed roofing from several buildings and flipped three parked trucks.
EF1 N of Marion 7:11-7:19 PM Rope tornado caused severe roof damage to several buildings, and pushed two moving cars off of a road.
EF3 Lamour area 7:11-7:19 PM 2 deaths - Wedge tornado demolished several residences, toppled a transmission tower, and picked up and threw a van 150 meters, killing the couple inside.
EF0 Montpelier area 7:15-7:17 PM Brief rope tornado caused no damage.
EF1 S of Montpelier 7:16-7:23 PM Thick rope tornado caused damage to a small grove of trees.
EF2 Jud area 7:22-7:37 PM Elephant trunk tornado removed roofing from several homes, demolished outbuildings and uprooted trees.

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