Tornado outbreak of June 27 - 28, 2018
Date of tornado outbreak: June 27 - 28, 2018
Duration1: 1 day
Maximum rated tornado2: EF3 tornado
Tornadoes caused: 10
Total Damages: $320 million
Total Fatalities: 9
Areas Affected: Kansas

1Time from first tornado to last tornado
2Most severe tornado damage; see Fujita scale

The Tornado outbreak of June 27 - 28, 2018 was caused by the interaction of a dryline with a frontal zone over Kansas. This led to the development of a few supercells, which allowed 10 tornadoes to touch down, and led to the NWS SPC issuing an Enhanced Risk for severe weather. A violent EF3 wedge tornado touched down near Wichita, severely damaging or destroying hundreds of buildings in the process. 9 people were killed during the outbreak, with damages reaching $320 million.


10 4 4 1 1 0 0

A dryline began developing over the Rockies about 36 hours before the beginning of the outbreak, allowing for the build up of a capping system. As the system collided with a frontal triple point over Kansas,it broke the capping cell, and several tornadoes began touching down during the late afternoon and into early the following morning across Kansas, including a violent EF3 that hit Wichita in the blackness of night, causing severe damage in the process. Once the system had moved on, the frontal zone dissipated, leaving no moisture for the dryline to feed off, and so diminishing the storms to longer be severe. The remnant storms dissipated by late that morning, leaving behind severe damage to most areas hit worst.

List of tornadoes

June 27

EF# State Times (UTC) Width Comments
EF1 Kansas 1635 - 1639 85 meters Brief tornado with little impact.
EF3 Kansas 1915 - 1945 1.4 miles Significant wedge tornado near Wichita. 9 deaths, 18 injuries when a poorly built shopping mall was destroyed.
EF0 Kansas 2103 - 2105 50 meters Brief tornado with little known damage.
EF1 Kansas 2335 - 2340 80 meters Short lived tornado that did significant tree and roof damages.

June 28

EF# State Times (UTC) Width Comments
EF0 Kansas 0105 - 0108 55 meters Brief tornado with little impact.
EF0 Kansas 0330 - 0333 90 meters Large, but brief tornado that stayed over an open field.
EF1 Kansas 0415 - 0420 105 meters Large tornado that caused significant tree and outhouse damages.
EF2 Kansas 0550 - 0557 205 meters Significant, large tornado in open country that destroyed several powerlines and trees
EF0 Kansas 0650 - 0651 45 meters Brief tornado touchdown.
EF1 Kansas 0810 - 0814 75 meters Brief tornado that caused significant tree and roof damage.

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