This is where you go to submit your Co-Host or Judge application. The host for the next season is Weather Psycho.

After you enter your name in the job in want, you can enter your Tornado in the Section below.

  • Co-Host:
  • Judge 1: None
  • Judge 2: None
  • Judge 3: None


  • Beginning in Season 6, hypothetical tornadoes were allowed into the competition for the first time. Hypothetical tornadoes submitted into the competition need to adhere to the minimal page size of 750 bytes (about the length of the paragraph next to the top infobox) to be able to be accepted, however, or they will face automatic disqualification.
  • You have between 1 - 5 entries, of which no tornado can be submitted twice
  • The host must select no more than 25 tornadoes of the communities preference in a pre-season vote to bring into the main competition.
  • The host of each season will eliminate 2 tornadoes every Friday
  • You have one vote in each round, and you cant vote for your own entries
  • Note, as per decision between high-ranking members to make this competition a little more creative, it has been decided that there will be two new rules pertaining to the submissions of tornadoes for the contest:

No tornado that has previously won will be allowed for submission again. Tornadoes that appear in a Tornado Idol season but are eliminated may not be resubmitted for the immediately succeeding season, but can be submitted again in the one afterward (For example, in Season 3, the 1992 Chandler, Minnesota F5 tornado made an appearance, but ended up being eliminated. Because of this, it was not allowed to appear in Tornado Idol Season 4, but could reappear in Season 5).

Previous winners (Please Read)

In compliance with the rules above, these tornadoes may not be submitted for a Tornado Idol competition ever again:

  • Season 1 - Tuscaloosa, Alabama (EF4/2011)
  • Season 2 - Henryville, Indiana (EF4/2012)
  • Season 3 - Joplin, Missouri (EF5/2011)
  • Season 4 - Jarrell, Texas (F5/1997)
  • Season 5 - Andover, Kansas (F5/1991)
  • Season 6 - Red Rock, Oklahoma (F4/1991)
  • Season 7 - Lawrenceburg, Tennessee (F5/1998)

To also keep in touch with the rules, please view the current Tornado Idol competition to see which tornadoes were entered/eliminated in the logs of season 7, as those events will not be allowed to participate in Season 8 (but may re-appear in Season 9).


Submissions are to be done in the following format: PLACE, STATE ZIP, (RATING/YEAR). Example: Albany, GA (EF3/2017). Auditions are currently open. For a list of tornadoes that are ineligible in Season 8, view the current archive of Tornado Idol, or the winners list above. Thanks.

Layten's tornadoes

  • Bulahdelah, NSW, Australia (F4/1970)
  • Brisbane, QLD, Australia (F3/1973)
  • Remington, VA (F3/2004)
  • Moore, OK (EF4/2010)
  • Henryville, IN (EF4/2012) ***Disqualified, won in Season 2***

Doug's Tornado

SDT's Tornadoes

  • Los Angeles, CA (F2/1983)
  • Dimmit, TX (F4/1995)
  • Wheatland, PA (F5/1985)
  • Eustace/Canton, TX (EF4/2017)
  • Auckland, New Zealand (F2/2012)

Jarrell's submissions

  • Teton–Yellowstone, WY (F4/1987)
  • Hesston, KS (F5/1990)
  • Albion, IL (F4/1990)
  • Fort Worth, TX (F3/2000)
  • Kansas City, KS (F4/2003)

SuperstormAxel12's tornadoes

  • Catoosa, OK (F4/1993)
  • Piedmont, AL (F4/1994)
  • Rochelle, IL (EF4/2015)
  • Saragosa, TX (F4/1987)

Cherries Dude 8650's submissions

  • Mulvane, KS (F3/2004)
  • Machester, SD (F4/2003)
  • Huntsville, AL (F4/1989)
  • Abbeville, SC (F4/1973)
  • Laurel, MS (F4/1987)