Tornado Idol 2017 (V)
What will be the best tornado of them all in the Summer of 2017?
Tornado Idol seasons

Season 1

The first season, hosted by CycloneRyne94 from June 10th to August 5th, 2015

Season 2

The Second season, hosted by CycloneRyne94 from September 30th to December 9th, 2015

Season 3

The Third season, hosted by Hurricane Layten from February 6, 2017 to March 6, 2017

Season 4

The Fourth season, hosted by Hurricane Layten from March 6, 2017 to April 19, 2017

Tornando Idol

The Fifth season, hosted by Hurricane Layten from June 1, 2017

How it works

In Tornado Idol, tornadoes that have formed in the past are put into a competition based on what the judges and the other users of Hypothetical Tornadoes Wiki decide. Once the competition is complete, the last tornado that stands out will be crowned the most popular tornado of the year. You cant vote for your own entries

Please submit your favorite tornadoes! If a tornado you submitted wins, you'll win a special token of gratitude to display on your user page! If your willing to submit some names, please visit the Tornado Submission Page. Before submitting, please read ALL of the rules! Tornadoes can be disqualified if a rule is broken! The disqualified tornado or tornadoes will be open for another user to submit and use. Auditions will end on March 20, 2017 at 1200 UTC.

Tornado Idol/Auditions Page

And if you are wondering what you are supposed to do when Submitting, here's where you go for help on that.

Tornado idol/How to Submit Tornadoes

Auditions are open!

Two Tornadoes/Events will be eliminated Each Week, with Three Tornadoes left by the end, and the final battle will go on for another week between The Potential Winner and Potential Loser.. and the Winner will be Announced in The Season Finale.

And the submitter with the Best Tornado/Event by the Tornado Idol season Finale will be eligible to win some sort of Prize.

Round 1 - The Vote

This round is new to the competition, in which all voters will be able to select 2 of their favourite tornadoes to be submitted into the competition. Just remember: You can't vote for your own tornadoes. Please leave your votes in the comments below, and the tornadoes that go through will be put into round 2 (the main competition) next Monday.

The Vancouver, Canada and the Tsukuba, Japan tornadoes haven't made the competition!!

Round 2 - Top 25 Tornadoes are Announced

The Wichita Falls, TX and Vilonia, AR tornadoes have been eliminated

Round 3 - Top 23 Tornadoes are Announced

The Pampa, TX and 1965 Kokomo, IN tornadoes have been eliminated

Round 4 - Top 21 Tornadoes are Announced

The Smithville, MS and the Perryville, MO tornadoes have been eliminated

Round 5 - Top 19 Tornadoes are Announced

The Waco, TX and Woodburn, IN tornadoes have been eliminated

Round 6 - Top 17 Tornadoes are Announced

The Kellerville, TX and Barrie, Ontario tornadoes have been eliminated

Round 7 - Top 15 Tornadoes are Announced

The Miami, FL and Kokomo, IN tornadoes have been eliminated

Round 8 - Top 13 Tornadoes are Announced

The Lubbock, TX and Edmonton, Alberta tornadoes have been eliminated

Round 9 - Top 11 Tornadoes are Announced

The San Justo, Argentina and the Holly Springs, MS tornadoes have been eliminated

Round 10 - Top 9 Tornadoes are Announced

The Ottawa, IL and West Prairie,IL tornadoes have been eliminated

Quarter Finals - Top 7 Tornadoes are Announced

Which tornadoes will go through to the Semi-Final?

The poll was created at 09:30 on August 19, 2017, and so far 9 people voted.

Semi-Finals - Top 5 Tornadoes are Announced

Final - Top 3 Tornadoes are Announced, and the winner declared

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