Fuyuki City Disaster


The Fuyuki City Disaster was a catastrophic weather event which took the lives of some 5,000 people and caused significant industrial/ infrastructure damage to the city. About 1,134 buildings were damaged or destroyed over the 11 days rampage the disaster created. A large portion of the casualties in this disaster can be contributed to the refugee center set up in the Fuyuki Citizen's building, the building was designed to double as a shelter for severe weather events. Unfortunately, a massive EF 5 tornado dubbed "Tornado Alex" formed half a mile away at the Ryuudou Temple near the peak of Mt. Enzo. Not only did the EF 5 "Tornado Alex" crash into the Citizen's building, it was accompanied by several smaller EF 1-2 Tornados resulting in what meteorologists have named the "Ionioi Hetairoi Effect" a weather phenomenon in which a larger and more powerful tornado is able to pull smaller tornados into its path and accompany its destruction. It has taken over a decade for the Japanese people to rebuild after the destruction of this event and many still hold this to be one of the most disastrous events to have occurred in recent decades.

The "Ionioi Hetairoi" Effect

Yaziyazamoro Hetarioi a Japanese meterologist and founder of the "Ionioi Hetairoi" effect wittnessed the carnage of "Tornado Alex" first hand form the Tosaka Research Center in the outskirts of town. Hetarioi's finding from this incident have help meterologists combat the "Ionioi Hetairoi" effect across the world by researching the "Hetarioi Point" (The point at which a tornado becomes powerful enough to change the trajectory of other tornados.)


Meteorologist Yaziyazamoro Hetarioi explaining the "Ionioi Hetairoi" Effect

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