Texas outbreak of 2012
Date of tornado outbreak: May 1st, 2012
Duration1: 1 hours, 29 minutes- And currently ongoing.
Maximum rated tornado2: F5 tornado
Tornadoes caused: 12
Total Damages: $9.7 billion (2012 USD)
Total Fatalities: 636

1Time from first tornado to last tornado
2Most severe tornado damage; see Fujita scale

Imagine if this actually happened.

Tornado count

13 3 3 (1 anti-cyclonic) 2 2 2 (1 anti-cyclonic) 1 0 0



List of confirmed tornadoes - October 21st, 2012
Time (UTC)
Path length
F0 WSW of Amarillo 0940 6 miles 0 deaths - A weak tornado formed just outside of amarillo, no damage was reported.
F4 SW of Dallas 0959 27 miles 6 deaths - A small anti-cyclonic tornado caused devastation to a small town near Dallas.
F1 NNE of Amarillo 1004 9.5 miles 0 deaths - A weak tornado formed just outside of amarillo, this tornado tore part of the roof of a barn, smashed windows and tossed hay bales several hundred yards, and even tossed a tractor a couple of yards.
F2 Fort. Worth 1010 11.5 miles 0 deaths - A rope tornado tore through Fort. Worth airport, luggage was throw for a good quarter of a mile, a food truck was actually lifted off the ground and thrown 25 yards from where it was before, this tornado even tore parts of some planes off, and went on to cause some damage to some houses.
F3 SSW of Dallas 1020 25.5 miles 5 deaths - A half mile wide tornado tore through a strip mall and caused major damage.
F1 N of Amarillo 1027 9 miles 0 deaths - An anti-cyclonic tornado trashed a local park.
F1 SE of Houston 1040 10 miles 0 deaths - A water-spout made landfall near Houston and caused damage to some houses.
F4 WNW of Grand Prairie 1040 29.5 miles 57 deaths - A mile wide tornado decimated an entire neighborhood and caused significant damage to several well-built homes in the area.
F5 Dallas 1044 49.5 miles 557 deaths - A mile wide tornado decimated The city of Dallas, This tornado was featured as a Scenario on the weather channel's 'It could happen tomorrow', this tornado's winds topped 313 mph.
F0 E of Arlington 1049 5 miles 0 deaths - A weak tornado formed East of Arlington without causing any damage.
F0 NNW of Galvaston 1054 6.5 miles 0 deaths - A tornado tore through a neighborhood, it tore shingles of roofs and smashed windows.
F2 NNE of Corpus Christi 1055 19.5 miles 7 deaths - A large multi-vortex tornado tore apart a farm and part of a neighborhood.
F3 N of Austin 1059 22.5 miles 4 deaths - an elephant truck tornado an area of woods and a business strip.

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