EF5/F5 tornadoes occur in the United States more than any other country in the world. This is a list of EF5/F5 tornadoes from 2015-2070.



EF# Date Location County/Parish/Borough Comments
EF5 April 20-23, 2015 tornado outbreak Ida Grove Ida Major damaged occurred to Ida Grove High School. A farm in northern Sac County was completely swept away where 1 person was killed.
EF5 May 27-28, 2015 tornado outbreak Perry, Oklahoma Noble Major damage to a farm occurred, several silos were thrown in the air and destroyed.
EF4 October 12-14, 2015 tornado outbreak Two Buttes Baca Officially rated high-end EF4, a weather survey team found 205 mph winds inside the tornado. Structural damage shown high-end EF4 damage, a grain bin was thrown 15 miles away from where it sat on a farm.
EF5 May 19, 2016 tornado outbreak Benjamin, Texas Knox At least 20 houses were completely swept away.
EF5 2017 Super Outbreak Union City, Tennessee Obion Two people were killed when a mobile home park was struck and completely obliterated. One mobile home was tossed into the air.
EF5 2017 Super Outbreak Dumas, Mississippi Desha A mall collapsed and several homes were swept away.
EF5 2017 Super Outbreak Yazoo City, Mississippi Yazoo Ten homes were completely swept away.
EF5 2017 Super Outbreak Livingston, Alabama Sumter 21 people were killed in this tornado. Trees were tossed for several miles and major ground scouring occurred.
EF5 2017 Super Outbreak Hoover, Alabama Jefferson A pickup truck was tossed for 2.5 miles.
EF5 2017 Super Outbreak Rome, Georgia Floyd A building was swept clean.
EF5 2017 Super Outbreak Pigeon Forge, Tennnessee Sevier Several resort hotels/casinos were destroyed. Over 30 homes were swept away.
EF5 October 25, 2017 tornado outbreak Columbia, South Carolina Richland Hundreds of buildings sustained extraordinary damage.
EF4 May 3-4, 2019 Great Lakes tornado outbreak Muncie, Indiana Madison, Delaware, and Randolph Officially rated high-end EF4, but disputed by some meteorologists.
EF5 May 3-4, 2019 Great Lakes tornado outbreak Peru-Wabash, Indiana Cass, Miami, Wabash, Huntington Homes were swept clean off of their foundations.
EF4 Mid-May 2019 tornado outbreak Mexia, Texas Limestone Was an EF5 tornado until after a re-analysis on the tornado. In the re-analysis, the tornado appeared to only have 190 mph winds.


EF# Date Location(s) Counties State(s) Comments
EF5 March 26, 2020 tornado outbreak Fort Branch Posey, Gibson, Pike Indiana Two vehicles were tossed into the air for at least 5 miles. Three buildings were completely decimated in the area.
EF5 April 11-14, 2020 tornado outbreak Double Springs Winston Alabama Seven buildings were completely obliterated.
EF5 May 2-10, 2020 tornado outbreak sequence Cloverport-Derby Hancock (KY), Brekinridge (KY), Perry (IN) Kentucky, Indiana A tornado sucked a small portion of water out of the Ohio River and decimated buildings in Derby.
EF4 April 24, 2022 tornado outbreak Altus Jackson Oklahoma The tornado was rated EF5 until re-analysis a few days later when a farmhouse, that was completely swept clean off of its foundation, was found to be poorly-anchored.
EF4 May 16-19, 2024 tornado outbreak sequence North Liberty Johnson, Cedar Iowa A house was found to be poorly-anchored, losing its EF5 intensity.
EF5 February 27-28, 2025 tornado outbreak Perry Taylor, Madison, Hamilton Florida First EF5 tornado in Florida's history. The tornado completely swept homes clean off of their foundations. One palm tree was chucked through the air and hit a house, killing all four occupants. Second-earliest EF5 tornado in United States' history.

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