Many of the tornadoes in the 2036 Upper Midwest Tornado Sequence occurred in and around the Minneapolis Saint Paul Metropolitan Region. Most of them were detected and followed closely by the Storm-Riders, the largest and most well-known group of tornado hunters and meteorologists the the US.

The group is lead by young meteorologists Janice Vikarian and Arlene Redpath. They founded their group in 2027 and have been very successful in warning citizens who are in danger of tornadoes, while selling films of their adventures online. They operate in direct contact with The Weather Channel (known as Skywatch Channel to people living in Midwest). The group consists of over 70 people with various levels of experience in the field of weather chasing and analysis.

The early hours of the sub-outbreak in Minneapolis \

The National Weather Service office in Red Wing issued a Severe Thunderstorm Warning for the Minneapolis Saint Paul metro at 726am (all times are Central Daylight Time).

Vikarian and Redpath were alerted to a tornado in progress in Bemidji at 730am and met in downtown Saint Paul to analyze the threat. The Bemidji tornado dissipated at 832am (see 2036 Upper Midwest Tornado Sequence) and a new tornado formed in Iowa at the same time.

Governor of Minnesota Jessica Anthony-Hollis reviewed a VTW which was issued by pilots who were chasing the new tornado with their hellachopper, although the aircraft crashed after being hit with fierce winds. Governor Anthony-Hollis upgraded the VTW to a Tornado Emergency for all cities located within 20 miles of Interstate 35 (Albertapolis Freeway) between Albert Lea and Minneapolis.

A junior meteorologist in the group alerted Janice Vikarian to an intense mesocyclone situationed over Belle Plaine. This storm was originally not part of the main supercell but as the Albertapolis Freeway Tornado approached, the two storms merged into one.

By 9am, the Minneapolis sub-outbreak was in full gear, with tiny but poweful EF5 tornadoes slinking down in the southern suburbs.

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