September 5, 2015 Barrie, Ontario tornado


35 Minutes

Time It Formed

4:20 PM (EDT)

Time It Dissipated

5:00 PM (EDT)

Fujita Scale Rating


Maximum Winds

10,945 mph

Path Length

30 miles

Maximum Width

15 miles

Place(s) impacted

Barrie, Ontario

Damage Caused

$322 billion (2014 USD)

Casualties Caused


The September 5, 2015 Barrie, Ontario tornado was the strongest tornado of all time. It completely demolished Barrie, Ontario into ruins after striking the city at its M9 peak.

It was made for AzureAzulCrash's birthday.


How it all happened

An extraordinary supercell formed near Orillia at 4:00 PM. The supercell contained massive hail and extremely powerful thunderstorms, and 15 minutes later a funnel cloud began descending. 5 minutes later, a tornado touched down and was in extreme prime conditions for explosive strengthening. 2 minutes after formation it was upgraded to an EF2 tornado, and local weather news said it was "the most rapid tornadic strengthening ever seen". The tornado and supercell moved southwestward with Barrie directly in its path. After 10 minutes passed, the tornado was already an EF5. Another 10 minutes later, it had strengthened to Mach intensity, and peak strength of M9 was reached at 4:40 PM as it entered Barrie. Its 15 mile radius and winds exceeding 10,000 mph completely blew away all remnants of Barrie with no traces left. Everyone in the city died (sorry Azure). Once it left Barrie and entered Lake Simcoe at 4:50 PM, it was only an F7, this rapid weakening occurred due to building interaction and interaction with the lake. It moved northeast further into the lake and rapidly dissipated at 4:55 PM. Throughout its path, it caused a grand ultimate toll of $322 billion in damage and 187,013 deaths; every single person in the Barrie area died and the damages were caused after the whole city was swept away.

Photos of the tornado and its impacts

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