May 30th-31st, 2014 Super Outbreak (Ryne)
Tornado Watch.jpg
A Tornado watch that was Issued
Date of tornado outbreak: May 30th-31st, 2014
Duration1: 5:55 AM May 30th to 11:30 PM May 31st- 1 day, 17 hours and 35 Minutes
Maximum rated tornado2: EF5 tornado
Tornadoes caused: 81
Total Damages: $2.91 billion (2013 USD)
Total Fatalities: 333
Areas Affected: New Mexico , Oklahoma , Texas , Kansas, Nebraska , Arkansas , Iowa , South Dakota , Louisiana , Kentucky , Illinois , Indiana , Mississippi , Alabama , Florida , Georgia , South Carolina , North Carolina , Ohio , Pennsylvania , New Jersey , New York , Rhode Island and Maine

1Time from first tornado to last tornado
2Most severe tornado damage; see wikipedia:Enhanced Fujita Scale


81 27 29 13 6 4 2

On May 28, Tropical Storm Alberto developed in the central Gulf of Mexico. By May 30, the storm had begun an interaction with an extratropical low, creatting a dry line in the process, which led to a significant tornado outbreak over the next day or so. The first tornadoes were of relatively weak intensity, but as Alberto became extratropical, it caused a more significant tornado outbreak, with 4 EF4s, and 2 EF5 tornadoes forming during the event. As the event progressed, it led to several deaths and damages alongthe way, before the parent system was absorbed into another low, effectively dispersing the energy, thus ending the outbreak as a result.

  • Anticyclonic EF-1 near Happy, TX
  • Large EF-2 near Altus, OK
  • EF-1 near Wakita, OK
  • Woodward, OK EF-2
  • Dallas, TX EF-1
  • Half Mile Wide Canton, OK EF-3
  • Throckmorton 1.jpg Erick, OK EF-3 as it Formed
  • Throckmorton Tornado New.jpg Erick, OK EF-3 at it's Strongest
  • Enid, OK EF-2
  • EF-2 near Greensburg, KS
  • St. Louis EF-4 prior to Entering Town
  • Amarillo, TX EF-0 which only Briefly Formed
  • Indianapolis, IN EF-2 passing close to Town
  • Moore, OK EF-2 taking an odd NE to SW Track
  • Tornado 70.JPG Dupree, SD EF-4 at it's Strongest and Largest
  • Young Xenia, OH EF-3 Tornado
  • Tallahassee, FL EF-2 outside of Town
  • El Reno, OK EF-2 near its largest (1/3 mile wide)
  • Pampa, TX EF-5 at it's strongest
  • Charleston, SC EF-3
  • EF-3 near Scranton, PA
  • Roswell, NM EF-2
  • Grand Island EF-4
  • Phoenix, AZ EF-1
  • Pampa, TX EF-2 forming

Confirmed tornadoes

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