Wedge tornadoes aren't stovepipes,safelights,rope tornadoes, or a mulaivortext, instead its a huge tornado bigger then a mile. Wedges can have damage paths huger then several tornadoes combined and can cause huge damage from towns. One of the most famous examples was the 2013 El Reno, Oklahoma tornado.

But some can be bigger then the el reno tornado, as the size is steadily rising every decade.


RATE Time Location Fatalities Injuries Width Notes
EF4 March 21, 2021 Danville, Ohio 6 30 2.77 Miles This wedge formed near danville and moved to Danville with wind speeds of 237, but was rated a EF4. The tornado was widest south of Danville and decreased while hitting Danville. The tornado was as long as the national mall. The reason why it as big was that one of its sub-vorticres merged as a huge tornado and merged with the main tornado increasing rapidly.
EF3 November 29, 2021 Lyons -Saxman -Mitchel


90 172 1.8 Miles The fatalities were high because the tornado was rain wrapped and hinted at a busy place. The tornado didn't have any subvorticies but one EF1 starlight tornado. The tornado has windspeed of 166 MPH and was rated as the second biggest in kansas. The reason why this tornado was huge is unknown but most people said that the starlight tornado might of been sucked into the tornado giving it power, but the starlight tornado was still alive few seconds after the tornado.
EF4 July 4, 2022 Fort Supply -Woodward,


62 305 1.94 Miles This tornado claimed 2 storm chaser lives and was also the costliest in Oklahoma. The tornado formed as 2 mesocyclone merged and become one, forming a huge tornado NE of Fort supply, before directly hitting it killing 7. After it hit it then went straight towards woodward, hitting it at its widest path killing 53. The tornado threw a intact house several feet and a damaged car was found 0.5 miles away.
EF2 April 7, 2023 N Geraldine, Montana 0 4 2.45 Miles 4 miles north of Geraldine a Tornado formed, being the biggest tornado in montana, it luckily didn't do any damage to Geraldine but some EF2 damage to some rural areas. This tornado didn't claim anyones life but did rip out several roofs out of houses, and a car was found upside down.

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