This page documents the United States tornadoes from January - February 2018. This page will also document the unconfirmed tornadoes reported during the events where possible.


10 6 2 2 0 0 0

12 tornadoes were reported in the US in January, of which 10 were confirmed.

January 9

EF# State Times (UTC) Width Comments
EF0 Kansas 1840 - 1843 60 meters No significant damage,but an injury was reported due to a felled tree in Olathe
EF0 Missouri 2101 - 2102 30 metres Brief touchdown. A plane was damaged slightly by flying twigs in Butler
EF1 Missouri 2150 - 2157 50 meters $800,000 in damages. A person was injured by flying debrisin Kansas City
EF2 Missouri 2305 - 2330 105 meters 1 death. Tore apart a mobile home and tossed cars off roads. Caused $10 million in damages. Took a very similar path to the 2011 storm.

January 10

EF# State Times (UTC) Width Comments
EF0 Oklahoma 0034 - 0037 15 meters 1st tornado. Caused minor tree damages and injured a person when they were hit with a branch. $15,000 in damages when a tree fell on an unoccupied car in Tulsa
EF0 Arkansas 0122 - 0125 40 meters Found in a damage survey, andinitially reported as a downburst. No known impacts
EF1 Oklahoma 0157 - 0205 65 meters 2nd tornado. Snapped and uprooted several trees,causing $785,000 in damages in the process
EF0 Missouri 0233 - 0235 20 meters Hit McDonald Air Force Base, causing no damages

January 25

EF# State Times (UTC) Width Comments
EF2 Gulfport, Mississippi 1355 - 1405 355 meters 1 death A tree fell on a person during the storms passage, killing them. In addition to this, $1.9 million was done in damages by the event.
EF0 Gulfport, Mississippi 1358 - 1400 70 meters Satellite of the EF2 tornado described above. Caused $100,000 in damages.

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