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July 11,


A large tornado swept threw several Michigan towns on July 11, 2017 causing EF4 damage to several homes in Northern Saugatruck, the tornado strengthened to a EF5 over downtown...some EF6 damage occurred in south Saugatruck, radar also indicated a 443.6MPH TVS, this tornado was considered getting a EF7 rating, but that rating was quickly lifted
Union City, Indiana/Union City, Ohio-Dayton, Ohio August

14, 2022

A large tornado swept across Eastern Indiana and Western Ohio from a isolated cell as a part of a slight risk day with a Severe Thunderstorm Watch in effect, many foundations were swept away from this tornado, this tornado holds the record for the costliest and deadliest tornado on record, with more than $1.5 Trillion USD in damage inflicted and 2,500 deaths...this tornado is largely disputed for a EF7 event, as many signs of EF7 damage occurred
Northeastern United States July 26, 2028 Widest tornado ever recorded.

On July 21 a intense upper low developed over the Northeastern Pacific causing countless thunderstorms to develop over Western Washington and Western Oregon, the NWS SPC issued a Enhanced Risk of Severe Weather over Western Washington...much of the tornadoes produced on July 21 were weak EF0's and EF1's as well as extremely low end EF2's...but the system did produce the strongest tornado in the State of Washington's history, a long-track, long lived EF4 tornado which caused heavy damage in Moses Lake, Washington, on July 26 Air was unstable enough to help severe weather develop across the Eastern United States...a high risk of severe thunderstorms was issued for the Northeastern United States concerning very violent tornadoes...a small EF0 formed near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, the tornado strengthened into a small EF1 cone over South Gettysburg...the tornado continued to strengthen to a large EF2 cone over Downtown Gettysburg, the tornado hit a mile wide at 9:44AM while inflicting EF3 damage on the Gettysburg Battleground...the tornado was a mile and a half wide before causing EF4 damage in Northern Gettysburg...the first signs of EF5 damage was inflicted in a Subdivision in which 237 buildings were flattened, the tornado was around 2 and a half miles wide around that point...the tornado reached 4 miles wide and was inflicting EF6 damage when it tore through Albany, New York, the tornado tore through southern Vermont fluctuating between EF5 and EF6 intensity while steadily keeping at 3 and a half miles wide...the tornado started to weaken to a EF3 over Southwestern New Hampshire at around 2 miles wide...the tornado weakened to a EF2 at 6:26PM over Southwestern Maine at around half of a mile wide...the tornado restrengthened to a EF4 at 6:40PM at 3 quarters of a mile wide...the tornado caused some EF5 damage in Portland before lifting at 7:03PM. this tornado caused some EF7 damage and the NWS considered a EF7 rating.

St. Louis, MO-Indianapolis, IN March 13, 2035 The Second Tri-State tornado of 2035 - A large tornado tracked from Saint Louis County, Missouri to Marion County, Indiana...the tornado was rated a EF7 due to obvious damage pointers.
Perryville, Missouri August 14, 2047 Tornado outbreak of August 14, 2047 - A large tornado completely wiped Perryville off the face of the earth.
Fort Worth-Dallas, Texas August 14, 2047 Tornado outbreak of August 14, 2047 - About 15 minutes after the Perryville tornado, a small tornado touched down in Wichita Falls, Texas...this tornado tracked southeast rapidly as a EF3, sparking up to 20 tornado warnings across Texas...the tornado moved into Fort Worth as a EF4 wedge, causing heavy damage to some buildings...the tornado then became a EF5 somewhere over downtown Fort Worth, the storm moved southeast before beginning to inflict EF6 then moved into Dallas, causing damage comparable to the Perryville tornado...the tornado began to diminish over Dallas County...NWS Damage Surveys noted how "homes were swept away from their foundations completely, with some roads even being pulled out of the ground...much like low-end EF7 damage...however, due to damage mostly peaking at very-high end EF6 damage, it will be rated a EF6."

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