A large, deadly tornado outbreak started on June 28 and is currently ongoing.

Late June OUS Tornado Outbreak
April 14, 2012 Marquette, Kansas EF4 tornado.JPG
Brownstown, Sandy tornado
Date of tornado outbreak: June 29- ongoing
Duration1: 1 day, 4 minutes, and ongoing
Maximum rated tornado2: EF5 tornado
Tornadoes caused: 6+
Total Damages:  ?
Total Fatalities: 19+
Areas Affected: Southern OUS

1Time from first tornado to last tornado
2Most severe tornado damage; see wikipedia:Enhanced Fujita Scale

OUS is a country on a Super-earth.

The states names are Bedford, Jupiter, Dannison, Colossians, Wyominga, Gsaturna, Sandy, North Sandy, South Sandy, Tiki, and Rigela.

Major Tornadoes

Brownstown, Sandy EF5

A large tornado touched down in Brownstown causing major damage.

Brown County SD Tornado New

The Brownstown Tornado

The tornado entered Brownstown and killed 19+ people. The tornado destroyed many restaurants and homes. Injuries exceeded 80,000.

Houston, North Sandy EF2

A small cone tornado destroyed Houston at 9:53 AM and caused major damage. People are currently being rescued.

Atlanta Tornado Damage

A shopping mall destroyed in Houston.

11 5 3 2 0 0 1


EF# Location State Info.
EF0 Muncie SS
Weak Tornado (1)
EF1 Kingston NS
Tornado Damage 117
EF5 Brownstown SA
Tornado Damage 17
19+ deaths - See section above
EF2 McKinley CO
Ellis CO, OK Tornado (2007)
EF2 Houston NS
March 2, 2012 Henryville, Indiana Tornado
1 death - See section above
EF1 Ichabod City CO
F1 tornado mobile home damage
EF0 Port Tiki TI
Waterspout (4)
EF1 Port Tiki TI
Waterspout - New
EF0 Mercer SA
Anticyclonic Tornado (1)
EF0 Alexisville BD
Mena tornado damage
EF0 Kingston BD
Tornado Damage 83

June 30th

EF# Location State Info
EF4 Pennsville SA
Tornado Damage 16
Tornado Damage 17
EF3 Myersville SS 6 deaths -
EF3 damage from 2013 El Reno tornado
Tornado Damage 10
Tornado Damage 83
Tornado Damage 78

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