Imagine if this actually happened.

Late January 2016 Outbreak
Tornado 1037.jpg
The Orlando EF5, the first known F5/EF5 in Florida History
Date of tornado outbreak: January 30th-31st, 2016
Duration1: 2 days, 9 hours and 45 minutes
Maximum rated tornado2: EF5 tornado
Tornadoes caused: 65
Total Damages: $7 billion (2015 USD)
Total Fatalities: 580

1Time from first tornado to last tornado
2Most severe tornado damage; see Fujita scale

The Event

  • An Image of the Lincoln, NE EF2
  • The Burnaby Tornado Twins
  • The Bartlesville EF2
  • The Altus EF5, one of the earliest EF5s on Record
  • The Canton EF1
  • The Anticyclone Happy EF3
  • One of the Strongest Tornadoes to hit El Cajon, CA (An EF4)
  • The Las Vegas EF4 before entering Town
  • The Vancouver EF3
  • The Oklahoma City EF2 at it's peak size and intensity
  • The Anticyclonic Seattle EF2
  • The Dodge City EF3, shot at Night-Time
  • Intense Winds and Rain brought on by the St. Louis EF2
  • The Night-Time Tuscaloosa EF2
  • Another View of the Orlando EF5
  • The Southern Indianapolis Tornado
  • The El Reno EF2

Tornado count

65 19 24 12 5 3 2

Notable Tornadoes

From January 30th

List of notable tornadoes - January 30th, 2016
Time (EST)
Path length
EF2 Lincoln 6:19 AM 8 miles 1 death, 6 injuries - An Early Morning Tornado tore through Lincoln, NE.

This Tornado caused some damage and casualties when it came through

British Columbia
EF1 Burnaby 7:02 AM 4 miles 0 deaths, 2 injuries - The First of Two Burnaby Tornadoes - A weak Skinny Cone tornado caused some damages to houses
EF1 Burnaby 7:04 AM 2 miles 0 deaths, 1 injury - Second of Two Burnaby Tornadoes - Another weak Skinny Cone Tornado caused some damage to houses
EF3 SE of Vancouver 3:18 PM 16 miles 10 deaths, 17 injuries - A Large Tornado caused major damage to houses outside Vancouver.
EF2 E of Bartlesville 9:22 AM 8.5 miles 1 death, 5 injuries - A Tornado caused some damage near Bartlesville.
EF5 NNE of Altus 9:39 AM 25 miles 13 deaths, 21 injuries - An Exceptionally Early EF5 caused major damage to parts of Northern Altus.

This Tornado was a mile wide at it's largest.

EF1 NNE of Canton 9:45 AM 3 miles 0 deaths, 0 injuries - A weak tornado caused some damage to houses
EF2 Oklahoma City 4:00 PM 10 miles 5 deaths, 12 injuries - A somewhat weak but large Tornado tore through Oklahoma City.

Despite somewhat low intensity, this tornado was a half mile wide at it's largest

EF3 NW of Happy 10:04 AM 12.5 miles 1 death, 5 injuries - A Rather Large Anticyclonic Tornado caused considerable damage to parts of Happy, TX.
EF4 El Cajon 11:04 AM 15 miles 20 deaths, 45 injuries - A Half Mile Wide Tornado tore through El Cajon, causing major damage.

This Tornado ranked as one of the strongest Tornadoes on record in California, as well as one of the strongest to hit El Cajon.

EF4 Las Vegas 2:26 PM 15 miles 65 deaths, 111 injuries - The Strongest Tornado to ever hit Las Vegas, a large Tornado cut a path through the City, causing mass Devastation.

This Tornado was a Half Mile Wide at it's Largest.

EF2 Seattle 6:00 PM 5.5 miles 1 death, 3 injuries - An Anticyclonic Tornado caused some damage to houses.
EF3 S of Dodge City 9:40 PM 13 miles 6 deaths, 13 injuries - A large tornado caused extensive damage to parts of southern Dodge City.

From January 31st

List of notable tornadoes - January 31st, 2016
Time (EST)
Path length
EF2 St. Louis 1:19 AM 8 miles 1 death, 9 injuries - A rain-wrapped Tornado tore through St. Louis, causing some damages and catching many off guard.
EF2 Tuscaloosa 3:18 AM 9 miles 3 deaths, 15 injuries - A large tornado went through Tuscaloosa
EF5 Orlando 8:00 AM 29 miles 100 deaths, 245 injuries - The Strongest Tornado to ever impact the State of Florida.

A Mile Wide Tornado caused devastation in Orlando, FL, it even caused some damage in Walt Disney World.

This Tornado because the first known/recorded F5/EF5 in the State of Florida, with peak winds reaching 220 mph.

EF3 S of Indianapolis 9:21 AM 14 miles 10 deaths, 26 injuries - A Large Tornado came fairly close to Downtown Indianapolis.

Numerous Houses and Buildings were destroyed

EF2 SW of El Reno 9:59 AM 10 miles 1 death, 4 injuries - A skinny cone tornado caused some damage to houses.

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