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TIV intercepts an EF3 wedge tornado

the Northern North Dakota EF3 wedge at the same time as the radar imagery above on the same cell

Kokomo, IN EF3 radar

Radar imagery from Fargo, MN radar station shows a obvious tornado in Northern North Dakota caused by the same cell that would produce the first Canadian tornado of the outbreak

October 4, 2013 EF4 tornado

Longest lived tornado in Canadian history, the 2017 Winnipeg tornado

On July 14, a large mesoscale convective complex developed over the Central United States causing supercells to develop in South Dakota...a EF2 cone touched down near Bismarck, North Dakota at 4:29PM CDT...the MCC moved north into North Dakota, Southwestern Manitoba and Southeastern Saskatchewan later that evening along with the cells, a EF3 wedge touched down near Devil's Lake, North Dakota and lifted near Maida, North Dakota 2 hours later. around 6:00PM CDT a EF0 touched down just west of Windygates, Manitoba being the first Canadian tornado of the outbreak, the tornado tracked for less than a mile and was on the ground for 2 minutes with peak winds of 130 kmh (81 mph)...a large EF1 then touched down over Windygates causing damage...the next morning the NWS SPC still had a marginal risk highlighted over northern North Dakota with another much smaller slight risk over extreme northern North Dakota, the last US tornado of the outbreak was a long-tracked, long-lived EF2 which tracked 21 miles into Canada and was on the ground for 24 minutes...the first violent tornado was a EF4 which touched down near Winnipeg at 9:28AM July 15 and tracked 79 miles and was on the ground for 114 minutes...therefore making it the longest tracked and lived tornado in Canadian history, the tornado continued to the northeast and finally lifted after 19 tornado warnings, 6 tornado watches, 2 severe thunderstorm warnings, 4 deaths, 218 injuries, more than $985 million Canadian dollars inflicted in damage and 114 terrifying minutes the tornado lifted.

Notable tornadoes

Devils Lake, North Dakota

EF3 tornado (NWS)
TIV intercepts an EF3 wedge tornado.png Kokomo, IN EF3 radar.jpg
Duration 2248 – 2456
Intensity 250 km/h (155 mph) (1-min)
at 2248 a large tornado touched down near Devils Lake causing EF0 damage, the tornado moved towards downtown causing EF1 damage...the tornado started to produce EF2 and some EF3 damage over downtown before moving northeast towards town...this is a wip...

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