Bumblebee. Now is making his first article on this wiki. Moves on to the tornado world.

2019 Houston tornado

Rank - F9

The tornado forms on May 3rd. As it progresses. Bumbelbee and is hurricane idol names are very excited of a sight of their first tornado

Bumblebee: woah. Look at that

They go closer to take a good look as it strengthens into an EF3. When it becomes an EF5. They start to take shelter

Bumblebee: lets get to the building

Elida: lets go to the JPmorgan chase building

when they are on the observation deck of the tallest building in the city. They realize the tornado is heading right for the tower. Now an EF7. It gets worse as glass shatters


It soon becomes a record breaking EF9 and the tornado is only 1 mile away from the building and Bumblebee.

Hoewever. It turns to te left in the last second. Narrowly missing the building.

Bumblebee: phew

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