August 23, 2018 Tornado Family
Date of tornado outbreak: August 23, 2018
Duration1: 4:01PM EDT-7:56PM EDT
Maximum rated tornado2: EF5 tornado
Tornadoes caused: 9
Total Damages: $1.14 billion
Total Fatalities: 76

1Time from first tornado to last tornado
2Most severe tornado damage; see wikipedia:Enhanced Fujita Scale

The August 23, 2018 Tornado Family was the worst Tornado Family on record producing 9 tornadoes...the strongest being two EF5 tornadoes...the First struck rural portions of Indiana and dissipated a few minutes after crossing Highway 69 in Western Howard County...the Second formed seconds later in Downtown Kokomo...on August 22, 2018 the Storm Prediction Center issued a Marginal Risk for Severe Thunderstorms in the Day 2 outlook with isolated large hail and damaging well as a isolated tornado or two were forecasted over Central and Northeastern Indiana...on August 23 the Storm Prediction Center issued a Slight Risk of Severe Thunderstorms with a 5% Chance of Tornadoes and a 10% percent chance of hail and winds with a few isolated tornadoes possible...around 3:45PM the SPC issued a Tornado Watch for Portions of Central Indiana with Tornadoes and a few intense possible...the first tornado touched down around 4:01PM...and was on the ground for 2 minutes...the tornado was rated a EF0..shortly 4:06PM a Large Wedge Tornado touched down...the Tornado caused heavy damage...and was rated a EF3 tornado...the Tornado was on the ground for 9 minutes...and lifted off the ground at 4:31PM...a EF2 tornado touched down as a Stovepipe Tornado...the Tornado lifted at 4:43PM, and was the longest lasting tornado of the the 2000Z the SPC issued a Moderate Risk of Severe Weather with 15% + hatched threat for tornadoes...the SPC issued a PDS Tornado Watch at 4:46PM with Destructive Tornadoes being the main concern...

Kokomo, IN EF3 radar

The Supercell reponsible for the Tornado Family during the Kokomo EF5


The Rural Indiana EF5 tornado at peak intensity nearing Kokomo

9 1 2 1 3 0 2

Supercell Thunderstorms started to develop at around 4:35PM...brief tornadoes started to develop around 5:00PM...this is a wip

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