Anti-Cyclonic Tornado of 1994
F5 tornado
Tornado 177

The tornado at peak intensity
Date October 21, 1994
Times 1507 to 1601 CDT
Touchdown location Near Tulsa, OK
Injuries Unknown
Fatalities 300
Damage $4.3 billion
Areas affected Tulsa, OK
Part of the
1994 tornado season


List of confirmed tornadoes - October 21st, 1994
Time (UTC)
Path length
F5</b NE NE of Tulsa 1507 42 miles 300 deaths - A tornado formed about a mile south of amarillo, texas and moved through Tulsa, Oklahoma where it cause most damage.

It caused unbelievable damage to homes, businesses and city buildings. Maximum winds with this tornado were recorded up-to 309 mph and its size gotten to 1 and a half miles wide.

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