2059 Jackson, Mississippi tornado
EF5 tornado
PraderScott Rochelle

The tornado as an EF5
Date April 19, 2059
Times 1233 - 1402 CST
Touchdown location Jackson, MS
Injuries 122
Fatalities 12
Damage $325 million
Areas affected Most of Gulf Coast Mississippi
Part of the
2059 tornado season

The 2059 Jackson, Mississippi tornado was a devastating EF5 tornado that ravaged Jackson, Mississippi, and surrounding areas during the early-mid afternoon of April 19, 2059 during a series of violent tornadoes in the Gulf Coast states. This tornado was one of 3 EF5's to touch down that day, leading to a total of 77 deaths, 1034 injuries, and $2.23 billion in damages between the 3 EF5's alone.

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