2037 Vilonia Arkansas tornado
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Injuries 2000
Fatalities 1000
Damage 1 Zillion
Areas affected Arkansas
Part of the

On May 12 a high risk issued the people of Vilonia were aware of it. At 12:30 P.M a tornado touched down near the border of Texas and Mexico the tornado had a very fast forward movement at close to 100 the tornado kept tracking through rural areas At 2:00 P.M a tornado warning was issued for Dallas however the tornado turned away and headed straight for Arkansas at 4:00 the tornado made it to Pulaski County and at 4:15 a Tornado Emergency was issued for Vilonia the tornado had been at EF3 intensity for its entire journey near Vilonia It reached EF5 intensity for the first time at 4:30 the tornado hit Vilonia causing major damage this time the tornado did weaken after destroying the town. Every single building in Vilonia was swept of its foundation the tornado then dissipated after being on the ground for 4 hours and 30 minutes.

Rating dispute

In 2014 a very disputed tornado hit the town and clearly caused EF5 damage. Again this tornado was disputed as well as all of the homes were cut nailed to there foundation however this time some of the foundations were also swept away with the house the tornado was also rated EF5 due to a well built home outside of Vilonia being swept away this tornado was the first since January. It caused 1 zillion dollars in damage.


EF5 damage near Vilonia


The tornado near Vilonia

Large amount of deaths This tornado caught many storm chasers with its irattic movement killing many it killed 500 storm chasers and 500 people in Vilonia.

The tornado after formation

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