2037 Oklahoma City tornado
NYC tornado 2044

The tornado outside OKC
Date January 7
Times 1904-1936 UTC
Touchdown location {{{touchdown}}}
Injuries 100
Fatalities 0
Damage 1 Billion
Areas affected {{{areas}}}
Part of the
{{{tornado season}}}
On January 6 a supercell developed outside of OKC at 3:49 P.M a tornado warning was issued for Moore and OKC. At 4:04 P.M a tornado touched down near Moore and caused Moderate Damage to houses some having their roofs ripped of a tornado emergency was issued for OKC and the tornado was not weakening it was intensifying and hit a Mobile home park in OKC destroying every single home the good news was the park had a tornado shelter and every one took shelter from the park of the 30 homes 10 were destroyed. The tornado reached High End EF2 strength and caused Major Damage in Downtown OKC ripping or the roofs of Buildings.The tornado turned and dissipated.

Tornado Very Close to OKC

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