2022 Dallas Texas Tornado

Tornado in Dallas
Date March 17 2022
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Injuries 20000
Fatalities 900
Damage 40 Trillion $ (2017 usd)
Areas affected Johnson, Dallas, Rockwall, Hunt, Counties
Part of the
On March 17 2022 a powerful supercell developed southwest of Dallas at 5:30 P.M CDT a tornado warning was issued for the area at 5:35 P.M. CDT a tornado touched down near Cleburne. Texas then a tornado Emergency was issued for Dallas the tornado reached EF4 strength in Cleburne leveling many well built homes it then reached EF5 strength in Southwest Dallas County it swept away hundreds of anchor bolted homes at 2 miles wide it moved into the City Center and swept away one Skyscraper and leveled many more it then swept away At&t stadium sweeping more homes away the tornado killed 800 in Dallas it moved into Garland which had been hit with a EF4 on December 26th 2015 it swept away more homes at EF5 intensity it then moved into Rockwall County sweeping away more homes it weekend to EF4 intensity in Hunt County it then leveled more homes it weekend to EF0 intensity then it dissapated at 6:50 P.M CDT. It killed 900 people and injured 20000.

The tornado in Dallas


EF5 damage in Dallas

EF4 damage in Garland


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