2020 Indiana Tornado Outbreak
Date of tornado outbreak: April 25-26, 2020
Duration1: 30 hours
Maximum rated tornado2: F5 tornado
Tornadoes caused: 134
Total Damages: Unknown
Total Fatalities: 731
Areas Affected: Indiana, Great Lakes

1Time from first tornado to last tornado
2Most severe tornado damage; see Fujita scale

This Tornado Outbreak happened on April 25, 2020 producing deadly and violent tornadoes mainly in Southern Indiana. This is the most deadliest outbreak ever recorded in the Midwest.

134 70 24 13 13 9 5

Major Tornadoes

Bedford and Heltonville, Indiana

At about 9:00 AM, a large, violent tornado touched down 2 miles north of Williams, Indiana. It cut a path right through Bedford destroying at least 900 homes and several shopping centers. The tornado killed 10 in Bedford and moved out into the small town of Heltonville. Heltonville was completely destroyed. Nobody was killed in Heltonville. The tornado was rated F4 and injured over 500 people.

Terre Haute, Indiana

During the afternoon, a large tornado slammed Terre Haute and killed 104 people.

Mitchell, Indiana

Another violent tornado slammed through Lawrence County, Indiana hitting the town of Mitchell 4 miles south of Bedford. The tornado killed 48 people and injured thousands. The tornado went on to damage Spring Mill State Park. This tornado was rated F5

Shelbyville, Indiana

A small but deadly tornado hit Shelbyville at about 3 AM. The tornado killed 28 people in a mobile home park. This tornado was rated F2

Bloomington-Martinsville-Indianapolis, Indiana

A long tracked tornado touched down in Bloomington and damaged homes on the west side. The tornado strengthened into an F5 before it hit Martinsville killing 300. The tornado hit Indianapolis at peak strength damaging thousands of home and obliterated shopping malls and restaurants. The tornado then killed 37. This tornado was rated F5.

Satillo, Indiana

A wedge tornado touched down near Bono, Indiana. It moved north and destroyed homes in Satillo. The tornado killed 3 people.

Rensselaer, Indiana

A very large tornado touched down in Morocco, Indiana. It traveled northeast really quickly. It slammed right into Rensselaer killing 19. Then, the tornado moved into Starke county and struck Knox. 2 people were killed in Knox. The tornado was rated F4.


Fujita Location County/Parish Info.
F0 Bloomfield, IN Greene Small Tornado.
F0 Marco, IN Greene No damage.
F1 Nashville, IN Brown A house's roof was torn off.
F0 Fishers, IN Hamilton No damage.
F1 Borden, IN Clark Houses sustained low end F1 damage.
F2 Shelbyville, IN Shelby 28 deaths. See section above
F2 Evansville, IN Vanderburgh 1 death. A strong tornado formed near

Evansville in the early morning hours. The Tornado debarked trees.

F0 Harrodsburg, IN Monroe No Damage.
F0 Fayetteville, IN Lawrence Trees were snapped. A local school sustained

minor damage.

F0 Cincinnati, OH Hamilton Kings Island sustained damage.
F0 Corydon, IN Crawford No damage.
F4 Bedford, IN to

Heltonville, IN

Lawrence 10 deaths. See section above
F0 Hartsville, IN Bartholomew No damage.
F0 Madison, IN Jefferson Minor damage to the Northern part of the


F3 Orleans, IN Orange 3 deaths. A large tornado damaged 30 homes

in Orleans and killed 3 people at a gas station.

F1 Fayetteville, IN Lawrence 1 death. Another tornado touched down in

Fayetteville. The tornado damaged 6 homes and 1 church.

F5 Mitchell, IN Lawrence 48 deaths. See section above
F0 Gnaw Bone, IN Brown Damage to a gas station.
F3 South Bend, IN St. Joseph 5 deaths. A large tornado moved through

South Bend during a concert. The tornado destroyed a gas station near downtown. Several trees were debarked.

F2 Shipshewana, IN LaGrange A stovepipe tornado hit the southern section of

Shipshewana, damaging powerlines homes and a country store.

F0 LaGrange, IN LaGrange No damage.
F0 Merrillville, IN Lake A home suffered roof damage.
F0 Gas City, IN Grant A store suffered roof damage.
F0 Indianapolis Marion An outbuilding was destroyed.
F5 Bloomington, IN to


Monroe, Morgan,


337 deaths. See section above
F3 Mooresville, IN Morgan, Hancock Mostly stayed over rural land.
F0 Tampico, IN Jackson No damage.
F0 Advance, IN Boone No damage.
F0 Liberty, IN Union Power lines downed.
F1 Seymour, IN Jackson A Dairy Queen was damaged badly. A Jay-C was

crumbled. Windows in an apartment building were broken and cars were badly damaged.

F3 Satillo, IN Lawrence, Washington 3 deaths. See section above
F0 Whiteland, IN Johnson No damage.
F0 Greenwood, IN Johnson No damage.
F0 Yeoman, IN Caroll No damage.
F0 China, IN Jefferson No damage.
F1 Jeffersonville, IN Clark A McDonald's was damaged and 20 homes were


F0 Warsaw, IN Kosciusko No damage
F2 Louisville, KY Jefferson 2 deaths. A tornado moved through downtown

Louisville killing 2 people.

F4 Terre Haute, IN Vigo 104 deaths. See section above
F0 Monticello, IN White No damage
F1 Lawrenceville, IL to

Vincennes, IN

Lawrence (IL),

Knox (IN)

A long tracked tornado touched down near

Lawrenceville. The tornado hit Vincennes shortly after it crossed the Wabash river.

F4 Wabash, IN Wabash A strong tornado hit Northern Wabash injuring 2 people.

The tornado swept several homes away.

F1 Ligonier, IN Noble Trees were snapped and debarked.
F0 Noblesville, IN Noble No Damage.
F5 Crane Database, IN Martin A strong tornado touched down in Crane. Nobody was

there at the time.

F5 South Washington, IN Daviess 7 deaths. A very large tornado hit South Washington

obliterating homes and killed 7 people in a mobile home park.

F2 Aurora, IN Dearborn Roofs off of homes were torn off.
F0 Batesville, IN Ripley, Franklin No damage.
F0 North Vernon, IN Jennings No Damage.
F3 North Vernon, IN Jennings Homes were obliterated. Vehicles were overturned and a Wal-Mart was damaged.
F2 Elizabethtown, KY Hardin A small tornado touched down in Elizabethtown.
F0 Santa Claus, IN Spencer No damage.
F1 Poseyville, IN Posey A building in downtown sustained minor roof damage.
F4 Paoli, IN to Marengo, IN Orange, Crawford A restaurant was completely destroyed.
F0 Fort Wayne, IN Allen No damage.
F0 Portage, IN Porter No damage
F0 Poland, IN Clay Minor damage to a church south of Poland.
F3 Odon, IN Daviess 4 deaths. A very large wedge tornado hit Odon at 4 PM. The tornado overturned vehicles in Odon.
F2 State Line City, IN Warren Small rope tornado touched down in State Line City damaging 10 homes.
F0 Attica, IN Fountain No damage.
F0 Dana, IN Vermillion No damage
F0 Mansfield, IN Parke Slight damage to a covered bridge.
F0 Decatur, IN Adams Small tornado.
F1 Ambia, IN Benton Tornado that caused minor damage.
F1 Roll, IN Blackford Tornado that caused minor damage.
F0 Lebanon, IN Boone No damage
F2 Clinton, IN Vermillion, Parke Vehicles were overturned in a parking garage. Homes were damaged badly.
F3 Rising Sun, IN Ohio (IN), Boone (KY) Homes were badly damaged.
F1 Hartford, IN Ohio Tornado that caused minor damage.
F0 Tipton, IN Tipton No damage.
F4 Fowler, IN Benton, White 1 death. Large tornado moved south of Fowler and destroyed a farm.
F0 Greensburg, IN Decaur No damage.
F0 Jasper, IN Dubois No damage.
F3 Ferdinand, IN Dubois The tornado damaged a Catholic Church and damaged several


F2 Ferdinand, IN Dubois A second tornado hit the same area.
F0 Tell City, IN Perry No damage
F1 Smithville, IN Monroe Rope tornado destroyed an outbuilding.
F0 Owensboro, KY Daviess No damage.
F0 Evansville, IN Vanderburgh No damage.
F5 Zelma, IN to

Edinburgh, IN

Lawrence, Jackson, Brown,


8 deaths. A very wide tornado touched down near Zelma and traveled northeast.
F2 Kokomo, IN Howard Widespread damge.
F4 Muncie, IN Delaware, Jay 2 deaths. A tornado entered Muncie at about 10 PM. The tornado overturned vehicles and obliterated 30% of the homes in Muncie.
F4 Shoals, IN Martin, Lawrence A large tornado moved into Shoals destroying homes and markets. The tornado then hit Huron in Lawrence County.
F1 Farmland, IN Randolph Brief touchdown.
F0 Paris, IL Edgar Brief touchdown.
F0 Richmond, IN Wayne Brief touchdown.
F0 New Albany, IN Clark Brief touchdown.
F0 Borden, IN Clark Brief touchdown.
F0 Toledo, OH Lucas Brief touchdown.
F0 Carmel, IN Hamilton Brief touchdown.
F0 Popcorn, IN Lawrence Brief touchdown.
F0 Scottsburg, IN Scott Brief touchdown.
F0 Holton, IN Ripley Brief touchdown.
F0 Henryville, IN Clark Brief touchdown.
F0 Chicago, IL Cook Brief touchdown.
F1 Chicago, IL to Gary, IN Cook (IL), Lake (IN) Small tornado that traveled 12 miles, causing minor damage.
F2 Crown Point, IN Lake Stovepipe tornado that touched down in an open field.
F1 Wheatland, IN Knox Brief tornado that destroyed an outbuilding.
F1 Valparaiso, IN Porter Rope tornado.
F3 Michigan City, IN Laporte 13 deaths. An overnight tornado that was originally rated a low end F4, but was downgraded due to parts of homes still standing.
F0 Lone Tree, IN Greene Brief touchdown.
F1 Park, IN Greene Brief touchdown.
F4 Marengo, IN to Medora, IN Crawford, Orange, Washington, Lawrence,


9 deaths. A high-end F4 traveled through the towns of Paoli, Campbellsburg, Bono, Leesville, and Medora.
F2 Springville, IN LaPorte Small tornado destroyed a mobile home park.
F0 Bloomfield, IN Greene Brief touchdown.
F0 Bloomfield, IN Greene Brief touchdown.
F0 Mount Carmel, IL Wabash (IL), Gibson (IN) Brief touchdown.
F1 Owensboro, KY to Newburgh, IN Daviess (KY), Vanderburgh (IN) A small rope tornado touched down in Owensboro and caused minor damage.
F1 Columbus, IN Bartholomew Brief touchdown. Slight damage to a mall and some homes.
F0 Taylorsville, IN Bartholomew Brief touchdown.
F1 Eureka, IN Spencer Small rope tornado.
F2 LaPorte, IN LaPorte A stovepipe tornado that caused major damage in LaPorte.
F0 Michigan City, IN LaPorte Brief touchdown.
F3 Nappanee, IN Kosciusko, Elkhart 5 deaths. Strong tornado that hit in the area of the 2007 tornado.
F0 Elkhart, IN Elkhart Brief touchdown.
F1 Goshen, IN Elkhart Brief touchdown.
F1 Orland, IN Stueben Rope tornado that destroyed several outbuildings.
F0 Nappanee, IN Elkhart Brief touchdown.
F0 Clear Lake, IN Stueben Brief touchdown.
F0 Angola, IN Stueben Brief touchdown.
F3 Indianapolis, IN to Tipton, IN Marion, Hamilton, Tipton 2 deaths. Long tracked tornado that killed 2 in Hamilton County.
F4 Morocco, IN to Knox, IN Newton, Jasper, Starke 21 deaths. 2020 Indiana Tornado Outbeak
F1 Rensselaer, IN Jasper A small tornado followed the path of the F4 tornado causing more damage in Rensselaer.
F0 Champaign, IL Champaign Brief touchdown.
F0 East Chicago, IN Lake Small tornado snapped trees and damaged homes.
F0 Marysville, IN Clark Brief touchdown.
F0 Hamlet, IN Starke Small tornado snapped trees.
F0 Cicero, IN Hamilton Brief touchdown.
F0 Atlanta, IN Hamilton Brief touchdown.
F0 Oakland City, IN Gibson Brief touchdown.
F0 Danville, IN Hendricks Brief touchdown.
F1 Judah, IN to Chapel Hill, IN Lawrence, Monroe A small tornado that tore a roof off a house and snapped trees.
F3 Atlanta, IN Hamilton 12 deaths. A large wedge tornado that destroyed 95% of Atlanta.
F3 Brookville, IN Franklin 1 death. Stovepipe tornado that caused major damage in Western Brookville.

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