2018 Washington, Oklahoma Tornado
EF5 tornado
Plains KS EF2 05-26-2015

The violent EF5 approaching Washington.
Date January 15, 2018
Times 2134-2316
Touchdown location 9:34 PM CDT
Maximum winds 301 mph (484 km/h)
Injuries 914
Fatalities 63
Damage $12.2 billion (2018 USD)
Areas affected Areas of Washington, Oklahoma
Part of the
2018 Tornado Season (Hitman)
The 2018 Washington, Oklahoma Tornado was a catastrophic, deadly, and costly EF5-rated tornado that struck the town of Washington, Oklahoma in the late-evening hours of January 15, 2018. In all, 63 people were killed, another 914 were injured, and $12.2 billion (2018 USD) in damages.

On the morning of January 15, the National Weather Service (NWS), there was a 60% chance for a significant tornado (EF2+) to touch down as remnants from Tropical Storm Alberto transformed into isolated thunderstorms from areas of low pressure and high wind shear.

At 9:27 PM CDT, a rope tornado touched down 2 miles west of Washington as an EF1. Uprooting a few shallow trees and turning over a car, the EF1 dissipated at 9:32 PM CDT after causing $12,000 (2018 USD) in damages.

Then at 9:34 PM CDT, a stovepipe tornado touched down. Instantly causing EF2 damage a mobile park was severely damaged, killing 24. Intensifying into a large-wedge EF4, wind speeds up to 175 mph caused another 6 deaths when the wedge nearly destroyed a home.

Still gaining strength, EF5 damage was recorded when a section of the town with well-built homes was completely destroyed. Multiple DOW recorded wind speeds up to 301 mph (484 km/h). Another 26 were killed when a hotel was badly damaged, injuring hundreds more in the process.

Loosing strength, the now EF3 caused another 5 deaths occurred when a group of cars were struck, injuring another 2. The final 2 were killed when a fire caused by the tornado caused an explosion.

At 10:53 PM CDT, a satellite tornado touched down briefly, causing no damage. Then at 11:16 PM CDT, the monsterous EF5 dissipated after causing 63 deaths, 914 injuries, and $12.2 billion (2018 USD) in damages. As the first EF5 tornado of the 2018 tornado season, this tornado was one of the more violent EF5's.