Throughout April 17 2018 to April 20 2018 a massive tornado outbreak occurred in the United States midwest.

April 17 event

List of confirmed tornadoes - Tuesday, April 17, 2018
Duration (local time)
EF1 SSW of Jackson to NW of Jackson 9:25-9:57 PM 2 deaths - <This short lived but strong tornado caused significant damage in the town of Jackson. Roofs were ripped off of multiple houses and trailers were thrown long distances./>
EF3 Benton 10:30-11:15 PM 8 deaths - <Major damage to houses and businesses occured. One small house was mostly destroyed with it's roof gone and a few walls downed./>

April 18 event

List of confirmed tornadoes - Wednesday, April 18, 2018
Duration (local time)
EF4 Mayfield area 12:24-1:08 AM 14 deaths - This violent wedge tornado caused devastating damage in the town of Mayfield where around 40 structures were destroyed and 10 completely destroyed. Multiple large trees were toppled and the high school suffered heavy roof damage. Cars were thrown up to 1/4 of a mile away from where they originated.
EF3 Hopkinsville area 1:15-1:42 AM Multiple houses suffered major damage and cars were thrown up to 100 meters from where they originated.
EF0 SW of Clay to NE of Dixon 2:11-2:25 AM A few houses lost shingles and a couple small trees were downed.
EF4 SW of Fordsville 10:06-10:48 AM 17 deaths - A large tornado caused massive damage in the town of Fordsville in the early morning hours of Wednesday, April 18 2018. Multiple homes were flattened to the ground and some partially blown away. In total 17 people died from the event.
EF1 SW of Hardinsburg 11:08-11:28 AM One house suffered significant damage and a barn was partially destroyed.
EF2 SW of Albion 12:08-12:21 PM 2 houses had lost all of their roof and multiple trees were knocked down.
EF0 S of Sumner 12:48-1:02 PM Rope tornado spotted in open field.
EF0 Scottsburg area 12:54-1:14 PM Multiple trees were uprooted.
EF4 SW of Osgood to NE of Lawrenceville 2:03-2:45 PM 8 deaths - Many homes in Osgood were reduced to rubble and slight ground scouring occurred. Trees and homes were blown away in Lawrenceville before the tornado finally died. In total 8 people died in the event.
EF1 SW of Jeffersonville 2:58-3:15 PM the tornado destroyed outbuildings and uprooted many trees along it's path
EF5 SW of Newark to NE of Millersburg 3:02-4:18 PM 73 deaths - A massive multiple vortex wedge tornado touched the ground about 5 miles to the SW of Newark. Initially starting out as a small rope the tornado quickly grew to a 1.5 mile wide wedge while it was approaching the city of Newark.

The tornado destroyed around 300 homes in the city alone, blowing homes away with only bare slabs left . Extensive wind rowing occurred and ground scouring at a depth of 12 inches in some spots. The tornado then maintained intensity after leaving Newark before dying rapidly near the town of Millersburg.

EF1 SW of Troy 3:48-4:19 PM A few homes were severely damaged, and multiple trees were downed.
EF1 SE of Kettering 3:52-4:23 PM Tornado spotted in an open field, severely damaged a barn.
EF4 SW of Clarksburg to SE of Williamsport 4:02-4:42 PM 19 deaths - Wedge Tornado hit the town of Clarksburg causing devastating damage. Many houses were blown away and power poles snapped In half. Cars thrown up to 1/2 a mile away and mangled. In total 19 people died from this event. Was one of 2 twin tornadoes near Clarksburg that day.
EF4 W of Clarksburg to Williamsport 4:19-4:48 PM 4 deaths - Wedge Tornado caused major damage to homes and businesses in the towns of Clarksburg and Williamsport. Homes were flattened to the ground and barns were completely destroyed. Cars were thrown up to 1/4 mile away and mangled. Was one of 2 twin tornadoes near Clarksburg that day.

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