2018 Oklahoma Triplet Tornadoes (Layten and Brick)
Wichita Falls tornado.png
Date of tornado outbreak: May 23, 2018
Duration1: 3-5 PM EDT
Maximum rated tornado2: EF5 tornado
Highest winds 276 mph
Tornadoes caused: 3
Total Damages: $3 billion
Total Fatalities: 345
Areas Affected: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Norman, Oklahoma; Moore, Oklahoma

1Time from first tornado to last tornado
2Most severe tornado damage; see wikipedia:Enhanced Fujita Scale

The 2018 Oklahoma Triplet Tornadoes was a family of 3 violent tornadoes that impacted parts of Oklahoma City, Moore and Norman, doing extensive damage, and ultimately claiming the lives of 345 people in the process. One of these tornadoes was an EF5 that grew to be over 2 miles wide, and which laid waste to parts of Moore and Norman over a period of several hours. The other 2 tornadoes were of at least EF4 intensity, of which one of these tore through Oklahoma City, doing possible EF5 damage as it ripped through the downtown regions, laying waste to at least 120 buildings in its path. It was the worst tornado event since another EF5 devastated parts of Moore in 2013, and would eventually cause President Trump to allow aid into the worst hit areas following the events.

Background and synopsis


In the days leading up to the outbreak, the SPC remarked that a potent trough was likely to move across the southern plains and collide with a dryline and frontal system over Oklahoma, causing them to issue a 30% risk of severe weather on the Day 6 outlook. Going through to the Day 4 outlook, the 30% risk area began to expand into surrounding states, until a Moderate Risk of severe weather was issued on the Day 3 outlook for Oklahoma, surrounded by a large Enhanced Risk. The following day, the Day 2 Moderate Risk was extended to cover parts of Texas and the Ark-La-Tex region, before parts of this same area were put under a large High Risk the following day.


As seen in the SPC outlook above, a 45% risk of tornadoes was issued for parts of central Oklahoma, which included the cities of Moore, Norman and Oklahoma City, of which all of these would get devastated by large, violent tornadoes later in the day. The first PDS tornado watch was issued by 0900 CDT for parts of Oklahoma, indicating a 90% probability of EF2-EF5 tornadoes. About 2 hours later, a 2 mile wide EF5 tornado ripped through parts of Norman and Moore, ripping homes from houses and tossing the debris over a radius spanning several miles. Later in the day, another PDS tornado watch was issued, and a tornado emergency was declared as a huge EF5 tornado barrelled towards Oklahoma City, literally ripping the ground up as it travelled towards the city. Between the 2 EF5's, 331 deaths occurred, contributing to what would eventually become a record outbreak in terms of deaths and damages caused.


The tornadoes obliterated everything in their paths. Moore suffered their 3rd EF5 strike in 20 years. However, the people of Moore were more prepared than Oklahoma City when an EF5 tornado barreled through downtown. Entire skyscrapers collapsed, and roads were ripped from the ground. The Capital of the state was now in shambles. Panic spread throughout the state has government couldn't function. Anarchy spread throughout the area. Looters raided what was left of stores. It was very though. The City had collapsed into a war. However, 3 days after the tornadoes, President Donald Trump sent the military to the destroyed city. Order was restored.

In other cities affected, people began to suffer as they were trapped becuase debris blocked entrances. This caused even more deaths. The storms overall caused over 3 billion dollars in damages, less than expected. However, the state capital building took a direct hit from the tornado, and Okahomas Capital was moved to Tulsa. It would take over a decade for the city to return back to normal, and Moore was practically abanded, never to be the same again.

Overall, this was a disaster of epic proportions, that changed the state of Oklahoma forever. Despite the loss of life, many people say much more life would've been lost if it hadn't been for the early warnings.

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