2018 Jarrell, Texas Tornado
EF5 tornado
Tornado 1401

The Jarrell, Texas EF5 near peak intensity.
Date May 2, 2018
Times 1823-1948
Touchdown location 6:23 PM CDT
Maximum winds 291 mph (468 km/h) (recorded)
Injuries 179
Fatalities 34
Damage $2.46 billion (2018 USD)
Areas affected The city of Jarrell, Texas
Part of the
2018 Tornado Season (Hitman)
The 2018 Jarrell, Texas Tornado was a deadly, violent, and catastrophic, EF5-rated tornado that impacted the city of Jarrell, Texas. In all, 34 people died, another 179 were injured, and $2.46 billion (2018 USD) in damages was done. The tornado was apart of a huge outbreak that caused dozens of others of violent, long-tracked tornadoes.

Touching down at 6:23 PM CDT and causing EF0 to EF1 damage, the twister quickly moved out of Austin. While approaching the north side of Jarrell, multiple doppler on wheels recorded wind speeds up to 291 mph (468 km/h). EF5 damage was recorded as well as dozens of well-built homes in the Sonterra neighborhood sustained catastrophic damage, killing 34.

Dozens of businesses, restaurants, homes, and stores sustained high-end EF2 to EF5 damage. 174 were injured in a mobile home park of Jarrell. A car dealership was ravaged, and an estimated economic loss of $3.5 million (2018 USD) in damages was done there.

While gradually weakening to an EF3, a satellite tornado with wind speeds up to 80 mph (128 km/h) caused high-end EF0 damage. After dissipating at 7:48 PM CDT, a search and rescue effort was underway in Jarrell.

The EF5 killed 34, injured 179, and caused $2.46 billion (2018 USD). This is the second F5/EF5 to hit Jarrell in the last 21 years and the deadliest was this twister.